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We are valuable partners for the development of growth strategies chosen by leading companies and major financial institutions.


We provide advanced technology solutions and professional services, relieving you from time-consuming tasks that delay your strategic goals.


We have been rapidly certified as Microsoft Gold Partners, confirming our readiness to offer optimal solutions for your digital development.

Our Expertise


We ensure you focus on what matters most for your business, by automating everything else.


We digitize your company data, so you can save space, time and costs.


We unleash your resources through a multichannel system that develops new capabilities in communicating with your customers.

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    Meet Our Experts

    Dimitris Spentzas

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dimitris Spentzas is the Chief Technology Officer at Ambience. He has extensive experience as an executive in leading companies in Greece and abroad.

    Mary Sotiriadou

    Product Technology Director

    Mary Sotiriadou is the Product Technology Director at Ambience, with extensive experience in the fields of commerce and business management in Greece and abroad.

    Michail Panagiotakis

    Operations Manager

    Michalis Panagiotakis is the Operations Manager at Ambience, with valuable and extensive experience in Commercial and Operational Management roles.

    Ilias Papadogkonas

    Contact Center Manager

    Ilias Papadogkonas is the Contact Center Manager at Ambience, with extensive experience in call centers across various industries.


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