We prepare your digital folder quickly, efficiently, comprehensively!

The “Exoikonomo" program aims to motivate citizens to improve their home energy efficiency, under favourable terms of financing.

Ambience’s specialized team and experienced partners offer a complete solution, undertaking the overall management of the program, freeing you up from every time-consuming procedure!

1st Step

Preparation of EXOIKONOMO
digital folder

2nd Step

Coordination of engineering
and technical companies

3d Step

Creation of each
building’s digital identity

4th Step

Preparation of the
1st Energy Efficiency Certificate

5th Step

Weekly update on
work progress

6th Step

Small Scale License
(if required)

7th Step

All of the necessary
technical interventions

8th Step

Application registration
on the program platform

9th Step

of a loan request

10th Step

Completion of the folder
and final disbursement

Our goals through

Receiving a subsidy of up to 75% for the energy upgrade of your house

Saving money by reducing your energy consumption

Improving your energy efficiency

Upgrading your standard of living

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