Safeguard the present and future

of your valuable business documents with an integrated Digitization Solution!

How often do you physically lose business documents that contain valuable information? How often do you see them fade or smudge?

Couldn’t you make better use of the allocated space? The Digitization of physical documents is an essential step for the quick and efficient management of the bulk of your business information.

At Ambience we provide leading edge technology in document digitization, turning your paper documents into instantly accessible information, reducing costs and time-consuming processes.

Document Classification and Preparation


Physical and digital file indexing

Data extraction &
Data processing
(Data extraction & Data processing)

Detailed quality

The comprehensive Document Digitization services by Ambience offer a wide range of benefits including:


searching for a single physical document can "cost" an entire working day, unlike digitized files, which are always available at your digital locations.

Easy and
immediate access

your business files remain stored in an easy-to-use digital format so you can pick them up quickly and conveniently, whenever necessary.


you no longer need to fill entire rooms with your documents. Instead, you can use your premises for projects that bring you value.


free yourself from any worries of loss, destruction or theft of your valuable physical documents.

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